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Specifications for Hanging Art

Please put a code on your art and cards. 

Your code is the first initial of your first name, first 4 of your last name and a 3 digit number (each piece gets its own number) For example: David Jones = DJONE001, DJONE002, etc. It is the artists responsibility to code their art and keep track of which number is associated with which piece

• Name, code and phone number written directly on the back of the piece

• Wire hung (no saw-tooth hangers)

• 5 business card sized cards with contact info, price and code, placed in a plastic zip-lock bag (or similar) and stapled and taped securely to the back of your art. (A common problem is bags detaching)

• Extra points for placing your art in a clear plastic bag. 

• Fill out the Artist Agreement on the Forms page of this website. This is required to hang any art with the Left Hand Artist Group. Thank you!

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