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Artist Agreement

This form must be filled out by any artist wishing to display their work at any one of our venues.

Thank you!


• The Artist, hereby assumes all risk and hazards incidental to any participation in the display of their artwork hung through the Left Hand Artist Group.


• Artwork exhibited needs to be appropriate for viewing by all ages of the general public. Artwork that is racist, violent, slanderous, demoralizing, or discriminatory in nature is strictly prohibited. 


• The Artist is responsible for the delivery, pack, transport and provide for the return of their artwork at their own risk and expense. 


• Display space at different venues is provided free of charge. The Left Hand Artist Group retains 20% commission from any sale of artwork sold.


• The Artist understands that the artwork is submitted to Left Hand Artist Group and exhibited at the Artists risk and that neither Left Hand Artist Group nor any of its officers, agents and volunteers shall be responsible for theft, vandalism, fire, or any other damages or losses of artworks. The Artist understands and agrees that Left Hand Artist Group makes no representations or warranties regarding the level of security of venues or premises. The Artist agrees that Left Hand Artist Group or any of its officers, agents and volunteers will not be responsible for reimbursement of lost, stolen or damaged items and Left Hand Artist Group does not insure items such as the submitted artwork. 


• Artwork left in our possession over one year becomes the property of Left Hand Artist Group.

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